My life has revolved around farmland, quaint shops, and the small-town atmosphere of the rural south. Born in Hillsborough, North Carolina to an accountant and electronic engineer, I have grown to embrace the easy-paced lifestyle that the countryside has to offer. I attended Orange High School where I was the editor for the school paper, Den Echoes.

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill I have been able to find my true passion in graphic design. I entered into the University planning on being a journalist, but quickly realized I wanted to work in a more creative field. Outside of school, my life has completely changed by joining Sigma Sigma Sigma. After joining a sorority I gained a network of friends that have made me more confident and, overall, happier with my life.

My true passions in life have always been focused around fashion. For as long as I can remember I have been reading Allure, watching Project Runway, and following fashion trends. Now I devote most of my spare time watching numerous beauty bloggers on YouTube and making lists of the newest styles that I want to incorporate into my everyday look. Currently, I am working at a fashion and lifestyle magazine which has only deepened my love for style.