After a crazy weekend, I decided to relax with a new sheet mask. Personally, sheet masks are not my favorite because they are only one use and they NEVER fit my face. Apparently, all sheet masks are made for people with a face twice the size of mine. However, this sheet mask seemed pretty neat.


The mask I tried out was from a brand called By Nature. They are a New Zealand based brand that you can find at Walmart or Amazon for about $2.50 each. The one I specifically tried was called the Rejuvenating Face Mask created with Apple Stem Cells + Vitamin E. I must say this brand had me sold at apple stem cells. I have no idea what that really is but I’m intrigued. The package claims that the stem cells improve skin’s appearance, texture, and elasticity. I’ll be honest after trying the product I can’t really say that the texture and elasticity improved. However, my skin definitely was glowing after using this product. My skin looked very hydrated. The mask only takes 10 minutes. A lot of hydrating masks are at least 15-30 minutes so I was happy this one didn’t take as long. After I took off this mask the packaging says that you can wash your face with warm water, but I just patted the extra product into my skin and waited for it to absorb for extra hydration. One thing I really love about this mask is the ingredients. The mask is made up of 98% natural ingredients and it has no parabens. Plus, the best part, it is cruelty-free!


The few things I didn’t like about this mask is that it was super wet compared to other sheet masks I’ve tried. Also, the mask was very cold when I put it on, which made it uncomfortable instead of cooling. Lastly, the smell is a bit off-putting. It smells like apples but there is this underlying soapy scent that I hate.


Overall, for the crazy low price this product is definitely worth trying besides the few cons. If you have dry skin I think you’ll really like the mask.


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